Roy E Roebuck    (FIN)

Managing Director, One World Information System (OWIS), a non-profit management education and research corporation, (    (VHO)

{ Formerly Senior Architect on 2005 project for ontology-based Continuity Communication Enterprise Architecture (CC EA) of US Federal Executive Branch (FEB).    (1XQ2)

(Note: The ontology capability used for CCEA is what I refer to as a terminology-based "contextual model" built on what I've described as a "general ontology" and "hub ontology", which I believe provides stronger semantics and greater capabilities for interoperability and integration than the "logical theory" form of strong ontology and "conceptual model" form of weak ontology described in the 01/12/06 Ontolog Forum on the "Ontology Spectrum", in the excellent presentation by Dr. Leo Orbst of Mitre. According to that spectrum, I believe that this "general ontology" approach uses 2nd-order logic and what I've seen referred to as "axiology". That is, the approach used for CCEA applies, integrates, and unifies all of the capabilities of the semantic spectrum.) {nid FIO} }    (1XQ3)

RESUME: ROY ROEBUCK 10675 Myrtle Oak Court, Burke, Virginia 22015, (c) 703-598-2351,    (1XQ4)


FOCUS: Terminology Management and Engineering (Web2/3/4) for Semantic Interoperability (Unified Awareness Lattice as Web4) for Strategic Management Life Cycle, Whole-Enterprise Architecture and Planning, and Unified Improvement    (1XQ6)

SUMMARY: Proactive, innovative, results-oriented and experienced operations, information resource management, improvement, and architecture executive. Solid track record of progressive experience and expertise in leadership and advanced management designs for both large and small organizations in government and industry. Original and exclusive capabilities providing a good investment. Strong track record of matrix-managing cross-functional teams that collaborate as a focused unit to achieve aggressive business objectives. Effectively applies broad and deep skills in management, analysis, governance, technology, physical science, social science, terminology, and IT. Exceptionally skilled communicator; easily interfaces with high-profile business clients, vendors, manufacturers, staff and consultants, as well as the public.    (1XQ7)

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS > Served as Chief Enterprise Architect of the U.S. Federal Executive Branch's Continuity Communication Enterprise Architecture (CCEA, Business Continuity) project; the terminology-driven approach was recommended by EA experts as the foundation for the next U.S. Federal Enterprise Architecture. > Designed, developed and utilized a terminology-driven IT Resource Management system for a 300,000-person Army Command; which was accepted as a standard Army IT management system and was integrated as part of a DoD IT management system and approach. > Personally established, planned and led an terminology-driven, EA-based organizational transformation for a 16,000-person geographically-dispersed Army Command, over a four-year period, resulting in re-approved mission statement, zero-based budget, mission-equipment, staffing, structure, and first IT WAN/LAN/PC/Server capability. > Invented, developed, improved, and applied, since 1982, a terminology-management-approach to holistic enterprise operations management, knowledge organization and sharing, and unified architectures, encompassing and extending what is now called Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, to dramatically reduce the cost of operations while increasing productivity, responsiveness, and quality, and dramatically reduce the cost and time for successful improvements and transformation in the organization and its IT and other technologies.    (1XQ8)

AREAS OF EXPERTISE > Macro to Micro-Level Organization Architecture > Macro/Micro-Level Business Planning > Macro to Micro-Level Terminology Management    (1XQ9)

    (See    (1XQA)

> Terminology-Driven Semantic Interoperability Engineering    (1XQB)

    (See    (1XQC)

> Unified Awareness Capability (Networked Knowledge Organization System/Service - NKOS)    (1XQD)

   (See GEM-EMA:    (1XQE)

> Architecture for Mission to Capability to Resource > Concurrent Management Life Cycles and Controls > Function Modeling and Improvements > Macro/Micro Management Analysis > Technical and Engineering Management > Enterprise Information Resources > Concurrent Program/Project Planning & Operations > Cost Reduction and Avoidance > Complex Change Management > Facilitative Leadership and Training > Meeting Design and Facilitation    (1XQF)

EXPERIENCE INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT, Burke, Virginia Terminology Manager/Engineer, and Endeavor Management Architect, 1994 to Present    (1XQG)

Authors, advocates, advances and supports use of the public domain General Endeavor Management (GEM) strategic management life cycle with its enabling Enterprise Management Architecture's (EMA) terminology management/engineering-enabled approach to whole-enterprise management and unified Awareness (Web 4.0). > Further refined GEM and EMA concepts and integrated technology features > Web-Published simplified guidance on GEM-EMA process, including strategic management life cycle (SMLC(tm)) and control processes that encompass all executive, production and support functions of any sized endeavor.    (1XQH)

LATTICE, INC., Herndon, Virginia Vice President, Enterprise Capabilities, 2008 to 2009    (1XQI)

Hired to developed multiple terminology-driven corporate Practice Areas, matrixed with Contracts and Operations. > Created a time-phased terminology-based plan to organize current inventory of skill-sets, corresponding professional and technical standards, and skills matrix for identifying personnel's fit with opportunities and vocabulary-based communities of interest. > Advised corporate leadership on methods to complete its long-delayed merger of its subsidiary companies. > Created a detailed plan to collect and organize the documents and knowledge of all the diverse, distributed, and non-networked operations into an innovative networked knowledge organization system (NKOS), including developing a corporate terminology (e.g., dictionary, taxonomy, data and process models, thesaurus), to including building a low-cost Book of Knowledge (BOK), all of my design. > Authored whitepapers for executive, managerial, and technical audiences on helping Lattice clients build new capabilities from their existing enterprise architectures (EA). > In the absence of effective corporate business development capability, I established business development efforts to expand the Lattice presence outside of its current software and system engineering and DoDAF EA client base.    (1XQJ)

BRMI CONSULTING, Washington, D.C. Senior Director, 2007 to 2008    (1XQK)

Managed and expanded a team of Enterprise Architects supporting the CIO of a Federal Agency within DHS. Provided organization maturation and functional management and leadership; oversaw enterprise management services; provided management methodologies, and enterprise architecture and technology expertise. Collaborated with multiple additional enterprise, data, business, solution, system, and software architects; designed and built a management modeling and repository environment, including several modeling and metadata tools along with terminology (taxonomic, thesaurus and ontology) modeling and knowledge-management tools. Researched and implemented the technical and cultural aspects of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), applying net-centric and semantic-interoperability concepts and principles. > Improved the team and client's operational maturity, productivity, capability and adaptability, and justified and grew the EA team from 3 to 18 positions in five months. > Restructured the standard OMB-FEA Enterprise Architecture approach to include a broader terminology-based EA approach to support the ongoing organizational transformation and systems acquisition, and to address a client's short-notice monthly Congressional Reporting requirements. > Improved situational communication and situational-intelligence for analysis and decision making. > Provided a mature terminology-based enterprise architecture methodology, metamodel, supporting technology-specifications, implementation procedure, and operation and maintenance processes.    (1XQL)

COMMIT ENTERPRISES, INC., Arlington, Virginia Chief Architect, 2004 to 2007    (1XQM)

Provided an overarching method to integrate several areas of company expertise into a cohesive offering. Performed broad and deep management consulting, analysis, training and support services for clients. > Provided EA, process modeling (i.e., BPMN), process management, organizational transformation and large-scale internal application migration support to a major computer hardware and software manufacturer. > Provided terminology-driven EA leadership to a multi-company team building a Continuity Communication (i.e., Business Continuity) Enterprise Architecture for the U.S. Federal Executive Branch. > Provided Subject Matter Expertise in management, teaming and semantics to a Navy team organizing Navy, DoD and DHS Communities of Interest (COI). > Provided Subject Matter Expertise in semantics, metadata and data architectures to a team prototyping a DoD-wide acquisition management capability.    (1XQN)

G&B SOLUTIONS, INC., McLean, Virginia Chief Enterprise Architect, 2004    (1XQO)

Directed EA practice; provided technical architecture and data architecture support to a Federal Executive Department. > Provided SOA research and recommendations, from a semantic-interoperability focus; resulted in a cohesive and coherent information services approach. > Applied my innovative EA approach to produce an enterprise architecture analytical database significantly ahead of schedule. It provided the "line of sight" between the client's IT system inventory system components, technical reference model of approved technologies, service reference model of reusable information products, and the organizational architecture of processes, functions, organization units and locations.    (1XQP)

TRANTECH, INC., Alexandria, Virginia Director of IT, Enterprise Services, 2000 to 2003    (1XQQ)

Directed the improvement, expansion and integration of the company's IT infrastructure. Provided expertise in defense management and IT matters. Served as the program manager and project manager on several initiatives. Wrote the "Technical Approach" portion of several winning proposals for very large Federal contracts. > Served as the program manager for an Army Soldier-Systems contract. > Simplified IT infrastructure; implemented email capabilities, distributed file sharing, online databases and applications, advanced phone system, online collaboration, web conferencing and timekeeping. > Served as program manager of a successful Navy HQ Financial Management System migration.    (1XQR)

CBSI (ACQUIRED BY L3), Fairfax, Virginia Electronic Business/Commerce (EB/EC) Enterprise IT Architecture Advisory Staff, 1999 to 2000    (1XQS)

Provided advanced EA expertise to a joint DoD organization providing EB/EC services to DoD. Directed the "technology insertion" process design and implementation for defining and validating a large-scale "Next Generation" or "To-Be" IT architecture based on customer requirements collection, required capability-specification, product/service "build or buy" evaluation, product/service integration and testing and product/service recommendation. > Researched and made recommendations on distributed PKI use across DoD and commercial organizations that directly led to changes in DoD PKI and indirectly to Federal PKI integration efforts. > Evaluated and made recommendations on workflow, digital signature and single-sign-on technologies.    (1XQT)

SAIC, McLean, Virginia Principal Information Engineer, Senior Business Analyst, 1996 to 1999    (1XQU)

Provided organization, functional and technical advice on DoD proposals/contracts and business continuity and critical infrastructure identification expertise. Provided BPR and TQM advice, and also large-scale IT infrastructure and system engineering management advise. Provided large-scale system analysis and data analysis advice. > Key contributor of a proposal's technical approach that won a DoD-wide BPR contract. > Provided organization and management expertise to form the first CIO structure for a large insurance corporation. > Provided technical architecture, solution architecture, and system integration expertise in the startup stages of an early and still successful e-commerce online catalog service provider. > Directed the first evaluation, analysis and assessment of the data flow, usage and operational distribution of the primary DoD operations planning and execution system. > Provided technical architecture and engineering management expertise to a major DoD system integration organization, including two major DoD IT systems.    (1XQV)

US DOD CIVIL SERVICE, Multiple Worldwide Locations Resource Manager (i.e., CIO), Lead Information Engineer (i.e., EA), Information Manager, Force Structure, 1985 to 1995    (1XQW)

U.S. ARMY, Multiple Worldwide Locations Air Defense Artillery, Training, Security, Logistics, Finance, Operations, Management Analysis, Force Structure, 1975 to 1985    (1XQX)

EDUCATION > Master of Science, Systems Management and Graduate Certificate, Information Systems. University of Southern California > Bachelor of Arts, Physics. Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas    (1XQY)

SECURITY CLEARANCE > OPM/DSS: TS (SSBI/PR January 2007) > DHS Public Trust (April 2007)    (1XQZ)

ACCREDITATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS Certified: Information Systems (USC, 1985), Systems Professonal (1985), Customer Relations Trainer and CR Train the Trainer (Kaset, 1992), Facilitator/Facilitative Leadership and Facilitation Trainer (Interactions Assoc., 1993), Complex Change Consultant (BeingFirst, 1993).    (1XR0)