Personal Profile.    (1IFR)

I am a long-time user of Compendium and have started playing with Cohere for general KM applications unrelated to argumentation facilitation. My experience with Compendium includes planning projects, designing software, general KM and other smaller applications.    (1IFS)

I have an Honours Degree in Computer Science and a Masters of Science in Computer Science from the early days of computing (1970 and 1972) and have spent the time since then in a continual struggle to keep up with the field.    (1IFV)

My company, Artifact Software, is an eLearning solution provider. The activities range from mediatization of content to operating an eLearning facility on behalf of clients (student registration, 24/7 tech support, business management) using a custom eLearning portal which we developed in-house.    (1IFT)

I hope to be able to learn a lot of new approaches to KM from this group. So far, I have been very pleased and inspired by the discussions and presentations here.    (1IFU)