Calendar of Relevant Open Events in 2007 that may be of Professional Interest to the Ontolog Community    (P9W)

  Ontolog members are invited to post event information on open events that meet the subject criteria. 
  Ontolog members: please post if you are involved (organizing, presenting) at the event. 
  Please do not post information on 'member-only' or 'private' events.
  A short entry, in reverse chronological order (please refer to other entries as examples) should be made, 
  please make sure you include a link pointing to the event website (where more details can be found).
  Please also specify whether the event is 'Free' (free-of-charge) or Fee-based ('$': below US$800; '$$': US$800 or above)

  The Ontolog co-conveners reserve the right to remove any entry that they deem inappropriate. =ppy/2006.08.03 T    (PAU)

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Q1/2007    (PA2)

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