Ray Martin    (3RRU)

Owener / Engineer
Aurorae Technical Group
Hanover, Maryland, USA.

email: marsaviator [at] gmail.com    (3RRV)

I have been in system/software engineering and research for 35 years. My main interests are in maintaining and improving organizational knowledge, personal internalization of group knowledge and cognitive machine to assist human cognition.    (3RRX)

I'd like to find out: "Linked data - then what?" ... and about "Tool suite for knowledge retention" as well as "Human cognition - applied philosophical theory."    (3RRY)

... Ray, at your convenience, please edit and expand on this page, and keep it updated so the community can get to know you better. Welcome! ... (read this if it's your first time editing the Ontolog wiki.) =ppy    (3RRW)