Quentin Reul    (43WH)

I have a PhD in Computing Science from the University of Aberdeen where I researched ontology management approaches. As part of my research, I developed the CleOn methodology, which evaluates the lexical coherence of classes in OWL ontologies based on a thesaurus (e.g. WordNet, or SKOS-based thesauri). I then developed the KOSIMap framework, which differs from existing ontology mapping approaches by using description logic reasoning (i) to extract sets of features for every entity in two ontologies, and (ii) to remove inappropriate mappings from an alignment. During this time, I was an active member of the W3C Semantic Web Deployment Working Group that developed the SKOS meta-language.    (4D8I)

After my PhD,I joined the Semantics Technology and Application Research Lab (STARLab) in November 2008. My duties included developing ontologies (based on the DOGMA framework) to facilitate data integration, overseeing national and European projects (e.g. EU FP7 TAS3 project), and writing project proposals.    (4D8J)

I have since joined Wolters Kluwer where I'm responsible for creating and maintaining semantic content (ontologies, controlled vocabularies, thesauri, taxonomies). This semantic content (i) is used to facilitate the integration of content from distributed CMS onto WK publishing platform, and (ii) is used as part of a new CMS being developed. I am also actively participating in the development of solutions for the extraction of metadata and classification of documents.    (4D8K)

Content Semantics Architect,
email: Quentin.H.Reul [at] gmail.com {nid 43WI}
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