QuaSy IT System    (208Y)

 by BorisShvedin    (25XF)

1. QuaSy is an IT system targeted to organize, collect and translate business entity experience. 2. QuaSy is a Life-Cycle Support System for single business entity. 3. Functionally QuaSy can offer the same line of business solutions traditionally offered by ERP. (ERP as a suite of enterprise business applications including, at a minimum, financial and human resources applications and at least one of the following: manufacturing, supply chain management (SCM), or customer relationship management (CRM). 4. Range of QuaSy solutions considerably wider then ERP solutions. QuaSy has designed especially to organize, collect and translate business entity experience. Essentially QuaSy ontological mission is to obtain business entity developing and surviving in unpredictable business environment. In accordance with evolutionary epistemology entity can develops and survives only if entity cans structures and organizes his personal experience. 5. QuaSy business applications architecture divides into several units: principal activity, secondary activity, ancillary activity, business entity organizational design, business entity infrastructure and PECAD. 6. QuaSy PECAD(Plan-Execution-Control-Analysis-Decision) vehicle gives to customer extraordinary opportunity to detect problem situations, to make comprehensive analysis those situations and to manage decision making process. 7. QuaSy has founded on ITEA – Intelligent Technologies based on Experientological Approach. 8. BEOM – Business Entity Ontological Model is a basement of QuaSy. Before QuaSy implementation we have to construct specific BEOM for each single business entity. 9. QuaSy solutions should be capable of satisfying overall business application requirements for the proactive companies.    (208Z)