This project *really* needs everybody's help. It's a vision of using social networks to do something useful and good    (SWU)

I saw a good opportunity at the FOAF expertfinder project to introduce the idea , but the potential of the application is huge,could be applied beyond FOAF - the principle is VERY SIMPLE and virtually costless    (SWV)

It's about creating social networks of people who are willing to chain up together and contribute expertise and/or resources during a crisis, or also to complement ongoing poverty programmes.    (SWW)

There's obviously work to be done, but nothing too difficult, just work out the trust bit, maybe can be overcome with a trusted third party reference from both sides    (SX1)

about the paper here and pdf    (SWX)

And see the presentation    (SWY)

There is also a video somewhere but it's the wrong take, will upload the right take and link it here    (SWZ)

Look forward to be working together on this    (SX0)