OpenOntologyRepository_Architecture and API Organizing Plan    (2OQA)

The organizing plan is to develop the specification in stages/phases, moving from the general to the specific as agreement is reached.    (2OQB)

The general operating paradigm is anticipated to include the following steps for each stage/phase. The actors are the workshop chair (or co-chairs), scribe (recorder) and participants.    (2OQC)

Specification Development Process    (2OQD)

Specification Development Plan    (2OQO)

The first of the OOR specification workshops will focus on the system view. At this stage, or level of granularity, the major components or sub-systems that will comprise OOR will be identified along with their interactions and dependencies.    (2OQP)

Each sub-system will in turn be decomposed into its sub-systems or components.    (2OQQ)

When needed, interfaces will be specified for the component or sub-system.    (2OQR)

The systems level view will include the major sub-systems and their interactions and dependencies. These sub-systems will represent the (representation language independent) capabilities of the OOR and be described in the language most descriptive of the activities the sub-system supports or provides.    (2OQS)