OpenOntologyRepository (OOR) Initiative - Architecture    (184N)

This page is for documentation related to the architecture of the "open ontology repository" we are planning to implement through the OOR initiative.    (184O)

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Key Discussions:    (2MTN)

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From the 11 March 2001 Meeting -    (2Q6D)

  searchOntologyMetadata    (2Q6G)

11 March 2011 - I'd like to suggest a small change to the (first) proposed method of the OOR specification.    (2Q65)

Instead of 'searchOntologyMetadata' I suggest 'findOntologies'. Of course, as agreed, to execute or actualize this method the system would need to search the metadata. But the intent, from a user's perspective, is to find the ontology/ontologies that meet their criteria (the arguments of the method): the what.    (2Q66)

Searching is a 'how' - there can many ways to find what is being looked for.    (2Q67)

Finding is a 'what' - The end goal or intent of taking the action.    (2Q68)

And yes, I'm also appealing to the semantic differences between these two words. From WordNet 2.0,    (2Q69)

Search - the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something    (2Q6A)

Find - discover or determine the existence    (2Q6B)

Again from a users perspective, and the one I think best used to understand the intent of any system, they want to find something. Searching is just one way to accomplish this.    (2Q6C)

13 March 2011 - I like to suggest a revision to my revision, just 'find()'. The argument would define what is to be found.    (2Q6H)

Getting Organized    (2Q6U)

Ideas, Candidates, Proposals and References    (184T)

OOR Architecture preliminary alignment call - Tue 17-Feb-2009    (1TAN)

  Date / Time:  Tue 2009.02.17 - 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST
  Attended: BenjaminDai, MikeDean, MichaelGruninger, KenBaclawski, ToddSchneider, PeterYim    (1TAO)

Discussion notes:    (1TAP)

 - call adjourned: 10:55am PST    (1TJ6)
 - Notes by PeterYim - for those who were at the meeting, please review and edit the notes as you see fit.   =ppy    (1TJ7)