OntologySummit Advisory Committee    (3KS6)

Revised Terms of Reference adopted by the Organizing Committee on [TBD] ... (Second Version proposed: LeoObrst, MichaelGruninger, and PeterYim / 2014.02.07; updated: TBD''    (463Z)

Deprecated Terms of Reference adopted by the Organizing Committee on 2013.01.18 ... (Draft ... first proposed: FabianNeuhaus & PeterYim / 2013.01.16; updated: 2013.01.17''    (3KS7)

Terms of Reference    (3KS8)

Individuals are invited as Advisors to the Ontology Summit series of activities, and assembled under the Advisory Committee, to which the OntologySummit organizing committee members may consult with and seek advice. They also form a valuable resource pool from which activity champions may find useful to extend their invitation to, when they look for candidates who would share their experience or expertise with the rest of the OntologySummit community, in talks and panel discussions.    (3KS9)

It is understood that the advisors do embrace the aspirations, approach and commitment of the OntologySummit (during their tenure as advisors.) Participation in the Advisory Committee is expected to come with minimal commitment on the part of the members (see below), and should require very low bandwidth. Participation is on a pro bono basis.    (3KSA)

(Opt-in) Communique Endorsement Commitment by the Advisors    (3KSM)

Members of the advisory committee are NOT assumed to endorse the OntologySummit communique unless they explicitly opt in, i.e. they explicitly state they do endorse the Communique.    (463Y)

The "Opt-in Endorsement" rule is a change from previous Ontology Summits, where the default rule was "Opt-out." This change was made to match the de facto change made AFTER Ontology Summit 2013. We continue to think, however, that membership in the advisory committee comes with the commitment to read the communique. In any case, the Advisory Committee members will be explicitly asked (in email or otherwise) by the Ontology Summit Organizing Committee to endorse the final version of the Communique.    (3KSO)

Advisory Committee Membership Guidelines    (3KSB)

Suggested guidelines:    (3KSC)

[1] Active participation includes everything from being an organizer or a panelist to participating in the discussion via email, wiki, survey or presence in the symposium.    (3KSL)