OntologySummit2014_Hackathon - Project:    (48H1)

Semantic Annotation of the Ontolog Community Environment (SAOCE)    (48H2)

Team lead: KenBaclawski (EST, UTC-5), Ken at Baclawski.com    (4AXL)

This hackathon will take place on Saturday, 29 March 2014 starting at 7:00am PDT / 10:00am EDT / 11:00am Argentina / 3:00pm CEST / 14:00 UTC with a break for lunch (depending on your timezone). It is an all day event.    (4AXM)

The Ontolog collaborative work environment (of which its wiki is an integral part) has always served (since the establishment of the Ontolog community 12 years ago) as the community's dynamic knowledge repository. The migration of Ontolog Community wiki content (in particular, the entire body of knowledge from previous OntologySummit seasons) from the OntologWiki (purple wiki) to the new OntologPSMW (purple semantic mediawiki) is an ongoing effort.    (4AXN)

The following are the goals of this effort, of which the hackathon will be a significant part:    (4AXO)

During the hackathon the focus will be on:    (4AXS)

Organisation    (4AXW)

We will use the code repository and issue tracker at https://github.com/baclawski/saoce.    (4AXX)

Participation    (4AXY)

You are welcome to participate, either as a mediawiki developer, or as a tester of the developed code.    (4AXZ)

To sign up, use this procedure:    (4B0O)

Signed up for Hackathon !!    (4B75)