What this page is for    (44KO)

Over at OntologySummit2014_CommunityResources, you'll find descriptions of resources being populated or created by and for the summit community, such as the Community Library and Ontology Repository. That page is maintained by the Track Co-Champions. This page, on the other hand, is wide open and editable by anyone logged into the summit wiki.    (44KP)

Do you have questions about the library, the repository, how to use them, etc.? Go ahead and ask here, and we'll do our best to answer (and update the "synthesis" page, if appropriate).    (44KQ)

Do you have suggestions about these or other resources? Go ahead and makes suggestions here, too. Or comment on other people's questions and suggestions. This page is here for you all to provide input to the Community Resources Track, whether aimed at the Co-Champions or each other. Ask & Comment away!    (44KR)

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