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OntologySummit2014: (Track-G) Community Resources (Library, Data Collection, Ontology Repository, etc.)    (43FN)

Track Co-champions: AmandaVizedom, OliverKutz    (43FO)

Mission Statement:    (43FP)

This track focuses on effectively gathering and sharing resources relevant to OntologySummit2014 topics and discussions. Such resources might include, for example: publications, events, projects, implementations, tools, vocabularies and ontologies, repositories, standards, research findings, or organizations. Collectively, the community of OntologySummit2014 participants knows about a great range of such resources. Individually, our awareness is much more partial.    (43FT)

The mission of this track is to facilitate the effective elicitation, capture, gathering, and sharing of this resource knowledge. We will succeed to the extent that resources known to individuals or small groups becomes known, readily available, and usable to the broader Summit community and beyond.    (43FU)

Deliverables    (43FW)

Community Library    (43FX)

A library and bibliographic resource for OntologySummit2014 exists here:    (43FY)

"Parent" items in this library are reference listings, containing bibliographic metadata for articles, websites, and other documents    (43FZ)

"Child" items for each such listing include:    (43GC)

This library is powered by Zotero, a free, open-source research management tool, and stored natively on (see link above). It is setup as a Group Library, for the group We have set up the group library to be publicly viewable. Editing, however, requires login (and membership in the group). In order to be able to contribute directly to the library and bibliographical info, everyone is strongly encouraged to join the group.    (43GH)

For those who cannot or strongly prefer not to work with the zotero library directly, they may provide reference materials by email (see workflow details at (43GM).    (43GI)

Ontology Repository    (43G1)

Various Ontology Repositories exist and are used within (and sometimes across) the Semantic Web, Linked Data, Big Data, and Applied Ontology communities. Awareness of these tends to be limited beyond a core user group for each. At minimum, this activity will include bringing these repositories into the pool of broader community resources and awareness.    (43MZ)

In particular, we intend to collect relevant ontologies that will be discussed in the various tracks and make them accessible at a repository devoted exclusively to the Ontology Summit 2014. To this end, we will make use of the very recently launched repository project, a side project of the OntoIOp standardisation effort, see    (43YN)

Ontohub is particularly suited for this task as it supports the full range of ontology languages, from very lightweight ontology languages used for large datasets to e.g. expressive first-order languages or Common Logic used in more heavy-weight ontology engineering efforts.    (43YO)

Documentation of ontohub and its usage is ongoing and can be found at    (43YL)

Further activities are to be specified. Input from keepers and users of these repositories will be sought.    (43N0)

Data Collection    (43G2)

In past OntologySummits, the community has sometimes identified information that would be of considerable significance to the participants, possibly enabling some important conclusions, that we do not already have. Sometimes, obtaining such data is beyond the scope of what is feasible during the OntologySummit. Sometimes, however, relevant data or a portion thereof may exist; whether it does may be reasonably determined by a small but focused search (and the data found, if so). Other times, the data does not exist, but some part of it, or a first approximation, may be gathered via such tools as short surveys, data scraping, and/or a bit of creative mining and analysis. Each of these activities falls under the umbrella of Data Collection on behalf of the summit community, with the aim of producing information that serves as a community resource.    (43GQ)

Work Plan    (43FV)

Community Library Work Plan    (43GS)

Ontology Repository Work Plan    (43GU)

Data Collection Work Plan    (43GV)

No data collection activities have been pre-identified and planned for OntologySummit2014 at this stage. Should data needs be identified, the Community Resources team will champion the determination of whether any of the prior-mentioned approaches (search, survey, mining, etc.) are feasible and likely to succeed, along with the solicitation and identification of suitably knowledgeable volunteers to carry them out.    (43GW)

Team    (43G3)

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Additional Facilitators & Resource Wranglers:    (43G7)

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Potential contributors: Everyone    (43G9)

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