OntologySummit2013: (Track-D) "Software Environments for Evaluating Ontologies" - Synthesis    (3KA0)

Track Co-champions: MichaelDenny, KenBaclawski & PeterYim    (3KAG)

Mission Statement:    (3KA1)

Through this track, we aim to coordinate the following:    (3KCY)

see also: OntologySummit2013_Software_Environments_For_Evaluating_Ontologies_CommunityInput    (3KA3)

Work-products from this Track:    (3RFK)

The following is an initial input from track D for the Summit Communique. Not all of these points will necessarily be addressed and included. These are provided for comment. --MikeDenny /2013.03.28    (3Q3Z)

Track D, as "Software Environments for Evaluating Ontologies", falls within the current Communique outline in:    (3Q40)

C. The State of the Art of Ontology Evaluation (4) What tool-support is currently available to support the evaluation of the characteristics (identified in C-2) and the best practices (identified in C-3)?    (3Q41)

Within this vein, some preliminary Track D concepts that may be developed for inclusion in the Summit communique are, in no special order:    (3Q42)

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