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Hackathon Project (HC-07): Ontohub-OOR-OOPS! Integration    (3PIB)

Project Co-champions: TillMossakowski, OliverKutz, KenBaclawski, MariaPovedaVillalon    (3PIC)

Event Date / Time: (Day-3) Sat 2013.04.13 ... see: [ details]    (3PID)

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Participant Volunteers:    (3PY4)

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Schedule Sat(-Sun) 2013.04.13(~14)    (3PYK)

Abstract    (3PIE)

The project aims at the integration of OOPS! [1] into the Ontohub [2,3] and OOR[4] ontology repositories. A user of would see a button "evaluate with OOPS!". Then or OOR instance would call the OOPS! webservice (or even a local installation of OOPS!), and display the results. The results should also be displayed in a per-class and per-property way in Ontohub.    (3PIJ)

see: [ [ Project document] ]    (3PIR)

Collaborators    (3POP)

Co-champions of this hackathon project team are mainly members of Ontohub team, the OOR team and the OOPS! team    (3POK)

We warmly welcome further Hackathon contributors.    (3POY)

Objective and Goals    (3POV)

The Open Ontology Repository [4] is a joint effort in providing an ontology repository that significantly goes beyond the BioPortal repository in being more general (more domains and ontology languages), providing more services and being based on a decentralized architecture decoupled into several services [5]. is a distributed heterogeneous ontology repository that aims at implementing the open ontology repository architecture [5]. OOPS! is a web service detecting some of the most common pitfalls appearing when developing ontologies. When combined, the result will be a web-based repository storing the feedback provided by OOPS! for many OWL ontologies, making it web-searchable and versioned. This means that the evolution of ontologies according to the feedback can be traced. This hackathon project will provide as well very useful feedback to improve OOPS!, maybe by including new cases or analysis false positive we might get and making it more precise.    (3POJ)

Expected Deliverables    (3PIK)

Work Plan    (3PP9)

The API that OOPS! provides [6,7] can be used for an ad-hoc integration with OntoIOp. We want to integrate the OOPS! output into the display of classes and properties, and it would be valuable to get feedback on this integration. The idea is to have an agile development, with multiple concept - implementation - feedback loops during the day.    (3PPA)

Moreover, we want to discuss a general API (in the OOR context) for services like OOPS!, and have this as an extension of the BioPortal resp. OOR API.    (3PPB)

New proposed Ontohub architecture, inspired by OOR architecture [5]    (3QO9)    (3QOA)

OOR API and Ontohub's needs    (3PPC)

The OOR API is currently a REST API and is the same as BioPortal, see [8]. Note that Ontohub needs a much richer and sometimes also different API. This is because Ontohub not only supports OWL ontologies, but also ontologies written in other languages, e.g. Common Logic. (If I recall right, OOR shares this goal.) We will develop new APIs for federation, static analysis, inference etc. The new APIs are developed in this shared docuemnt.    (3QXW)

Resource / References    (3PIN)