OntologySummit2013: (Track-B) "Extrinsic Aspects of Ontology Evaluation" Community Input    (3KAA)

Track Co-champions: TerryLongstreth & ToddSchneider    (3KAK)

Mission Statement:    (3KAB)

The intent is to explore, clarify, and identify gaps, practical and theoretical, in the of evaluation of ontology from a systems perspective using the paradigm of blackbox evaluation. T    (3KAC)

Extrinsic aspects of ontology evaluation includes subjective factors, measures or metrics, and the range of values of quantifiable attributes. In a systems context evaluations are derived from examination of inputs or stimuli (to the blackbox) and the outputs or externally measurable attributes or behaviors, where those behaviors are controlled or influenced by an ontology. T    (3KCN)

The ontology in question may be fully embedded/encapsulated within an entity or system, or may be externally accessible (and potentially shared) among multiple entities or systems. The separation of system or entity behaviors which are not governed by an ontology must be accounted for in any ontology evaluation process. T    (3KCO)

Extrinsic aspects to be considered include, T    (3KCM)

see also: OntologySummit2013_Extrinsic_Aspects_of_Ontology_Evaluation_Synthesis    (3KAD)

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Subject: Chat Gleanings from 24 Jan    (3LF1)

As Todd mentioned in the chat for the 24January2013 Track B session, "...We will need definitions, context, and possibly intent. But first I'd like to conduct a simple gathering exercise."    (3LF2)

I've gone through the chat and gathered the comments that I believe represent possible properties or characteristics for evaluating an ontology extrinsically. In the email sent to the Ontolog-Summit list, I've placed these in a formatted table which shows provenance by associating the items with quotations from the chat. Beyond that I've made no serious attempt to organize (Ontologize?) these items.    (3LF3)

- Terry Longstreth    (3LF4)

End Chat Gleanings from 24 Jan    (3LGC)