OntologySummit2013: "Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle" - Communiqué draft workspace    (3J2F)


The developing draft for of the communique is available here [ Communique-Draft-2013-04-18 ]    (3QOZ)

About the Communiqué    (3O0Z)

Summary    (3O10)

A Summary of the developing approach to the Communiqué was presented on 2013.02.21.    (3O0J)

Scope, Purpose, and How Developed    (3O11)

Communiqué content is developed through the many forms of summit participation (panel discussions, surveys, email, editing of wiki pages). Each track's champions maintain summary wiki pages.    (3O12)

The communiqué editors and track champions create several drafts of the communiqué. Participants review and make change suggestions, via dedicated summit sessions and asynchronous discussion on this wiki and via the [ontology-summit] mailing list.    (3O13)

The final draft of the communiqué will be complete before the symposium in Gaithersburg and will be presented there. Following this, there will be a window for endorsement by summit participants and members of the wider ontology community. Finally, the communiqué will be submitted for publication in Applied Ontology    (3O14)

The communiqué is intended to advance the state of the art of applied ontology by facilitating a consensus on an open question and identifying future challenges for the community. It is neither a summary of all that happened during the OS nor a research paper. Rather, it is an advocacy paper, based in the discussion, lessons, discoveries, and synthesis taking place over the course of the summit. The scope of the communiqué is therefore likely to be narrower than that of the summit.    (3O15)

Schedule    (3O17)

Current Outline    (3O16)

This is the outline of the Communiqué, developed by the co-editors and receiving general community support, based on Summit activities so far:    (3O0K)

1 Executive Summary    (3O0R)

2 Introduction    (3O0L)

3 The State of the Art of Ontology Evaluation    (3O0N)

4 Future Steps What issues need to be addressed to improve ontology evaluation and its adoption by ontology developers?    (3O0Q)