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OntologySummit2012: (Track-1) "Large-scale systems engineering" Synthesis    (32D7)

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Track 1 will look at issues around systems engineering, which is about the process of engineering a system. How ontologies of the engineering process can help determine what data is needed, when it is needed and if it exists, and determine data integrity. Can I trust the data, how do I know it is any good? Managing data through the system lifecycle and issues of federating systems at and between different lifecycle stages are a critical issue here, and ontologies of systems (the focus of track 2) play a major role in this. Amongst the issues when federating systems are the translations of data, not just amongst system models, but also amongst the different languages that are used to model systems. The track will also address conceptual modeling issues associated with managing the systems engineering process and the large volumes of data involved.    (32E4)

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