OntologySummit2012: (Track-4) "Large-scale domain applications" Synthesis    (32DJ)

Mission Statement:    (32DK)

This track will help to ground the discussions in the other tracks and bring key challenges to light by describing current large-scale systems and systems of systems that either use, or could use, ontologies in their deployment. "Large-scale" can mean either very large data sets, very complex data sets, federated systems, highly distributed systems, or real-time, continuous data systems. Examples of large data sets might include scientific observations and studies; complex data sets could be technical data packages for manufactured products, or electronic health records; federated systems could include information sharing to combat terrorism, highly distributed systems includes items such as the smart electrical grid (aka Smart Grid), and real-time systems include network management systems. Of course, some big systems might include all five aspects.    (32DZ)

see also: OntologySummit2012_Applications_CommunityInput    (32EF)

In implemented systems, ontologies are...    (386Y)

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