OntologySummit2010: Future "Quality" - community input    (25DW)

This is the workspace for community input to the focused discussion outlined below ...    (25DX)

Track Label: Quality - Subtrack Label: Future    (25DY)

Track Co-champions: BarrySmith, NicolaGuarino and FabianNeuhaus    (25DZ)

Mission: The track mission is to formulate a strategy to create high quality delivery mechanisms to create the high quality ontologists of the future, with a fully developed self-understanding of the discipline and quality evaluation mechanisms (including examinations) designed to advance the discipline of ontology in the future.    (25E0)

Pertinent questions:    (25E1)

Discussion:    (25E5)

(Please insert your remarks below. Kindly identify yourself and date you input.)    (25E6)