OntologySummit2010: Future "Content" - Synthesis of the Discussion    (25DO)

This is the workspace for the co-champions to synthesize the discussion on this track.    (25DP)

Track Label: Content - Subtrack Label: Future    (25DQ)

Track Co-champions: LeoObrst and MichaelGruninger    (25DR)

Mission: To provide a course or courses of content required for both professional and academic ontologist training.    (25F0)

Pertinent questions:    (25F1)

Synthesis:    (25DT)

(... coming!)    (25DU)

 This page is maintained by LeoObrst and MichaelGruninger
 Please do not edit or modify it yourself; send any editing request to any one of the individuals named above.    (25DV)