OntologySummit2010 Communique Draft Feedback Page    (2C5B)

This is a scratch workspace used during the OntologySummit2010 Communique Draft "reactions" session    (2C5C)

Session Chair: Professor MichaelGruninger    (2C5D)

Baseline Communique Draft (at start of this session): http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?action=browse&id=OntologySummit2010_Communique/Draft&revision=59    (2C5E)

Summary of Communique Feedback Discussion, March 15    (2C5F)

Issues to be Added    (2C5G)

How do we evaluate ontologies (methods and metrics)    (2C5H)

Evaluate with respect to application and reuse    (2C5I)

Linguistic aspects of ontologies    (2C5J)

Cross linkages between languages    (2C5K)

Deduction, abduction, induction as core knowledge    (2C5L)

Automated reasoning as a core knowledge    (2C5M)

Ontology lifecycle management    (2C5N)

Engineering principles    (2C5O)

Adding object oriented methodologies, modularity, and info hiding    (2C5P)

Add engineering and manufacturing to Application Domains    (2C5Q)

Simple summary of ontology benefits (before current state of training)    (2C5R)

Case studies?    (2C5S)

Link to prior communiques    (2C5T)

Resources for ontologies (further reading)    (2C5U)

Inclusion of uncertainty in knowledge    (2C5V)

Clarification of ontologists as profession vs discipline    (2C5W)

more justification for requirements    (2C5X)

Relationships between requirements and the goals of the Summit (ontology to support this)    (2C5Y)

Development of ontolgoies as discipline Dept of Ontologies    (2C5Z)

Disentangle knowledge and skills into different kinds of ontologists and tasks    (2C60)

References to successful ontology projects    (2C61)

Funding paths    (2C62)

Issues Related to Modification    (2C63)

2BSE "computer science" to "computing"    (2C64)

2ATR "applying ontologies to the solution of real and complex problems"    (2C65)

2BSE move to 2ATR    (2C66)

skills are developed not taught    (2C67)

'ontology" --> "applied ontology" and/or "ontological engineering" or "computational ontology" or "formal ontology"    (2C68)

"technology" to "semantic technology"    (2C69)

Clarify the definition of "semantic technology"    (2C6A)

references to commercial products and endeavors    (2C6B)

institution to organization    (2C6C)

Justify the comment "There is a high demand for ontologists"    (2C6D)

Programs at the graudate level are not enough -- we need undergraduate courses/ programs    (2C6G)

We need to train more than ontologists -- also need management training    (2C6I)

Emphasis on soft skills in ontology design projects    (2C6J)

Need to be pragmatic in the communique    (2C6K)

Keep in mind the published version in Applied Ontology journal    (2C6L)

What does an ontologist bring to a project?    (2C6M)