OntologySummit2009 Symposium: Flip Chart    (1W8V)

This is an attempt to capture what's on the flip-chart (temporary scratch pad) used at the OntologySummit2009 F2F workshop venue (at NIST)    (1W8W)

2009-04-06    (1WGF)

Parking Lot    (1W8X)

Projects    (1W90)

New Ontologies    (1W9C)

Issues, Barriers, and Other Factors    (1W9O)

Ontologies of standards    (1W9Q)

Ontologies for standards    (1W9R)

Ontologies by standards    (1W9P)

How are ontologies being used?    (1W9S)

New applications of ontologies    (1W9T)

Metadata for standards    (1W9U)

Interoperability    (1W9V)

How do we demonstrate the benefit/impact of ontologies and standards?    (1WA1)

Use cases    (1WA5)

Focus on current problems    (1WA6)

Incorporating ontologies with maturity models    (1WA7)

Maturity model for ontologies    (1WA8)

Use ontologies to vet/analyze/manage the plethora of standards    (1WA9)

Role of ontologies in the quality management systems in standards    (1WAD)

Governance    (1WAA)

Basic Concepts    (1W9Z)

Time/dates    (1WA0)

Role of upper ontologies    (1WGG)

Identify tools for evaluating, analyzing, selecting, comparing ontologies    (1WGH)

Ontology warehouse    (1WGI)

Standards warehouse    (1WGJ)

Spatial and temporal ontologies    (1W9W)

Projects    (1WAG)

Units    (1WAH)

STEP    (1WAI)

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_10303 for a reasonable explanation of ISO 10303 STEP and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_10303-11 for the EXPRESS modeling language. Much of STEP has been split into many smaller reusable schemas, a list of which is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_10303_Application_Modules. These are composed and completed in the Application Protocol (AP). There's now a MOF Metamodel of the EXPRESS Language in OMG as well here a public draft is at http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?mantis/08-02-05.    (1WCG)

OGC    (1WAJ)

Building    (1WAK)

Oil & Gas    (1WAL)

Financial    (1WAM)

Metamodels    (1WAN)

OAG + CCTS    (1WAF)

Evaluating Projects    (1WBA)

Homework for champions (provide as much as possible):    (1WBR)

Resources    (1WAB)

ISO/IEC 24706, Information Technology — Metadata for technical standards    (1WAC)

2009-04-07    (1WGE)

Issues    (1WGX)

Business models for bringing ontologies into standards    (1WGU)

How would ontologies be made available to the user community?    (1WGV)

Freely available via:    (1WGZ)

Governance    (1WH1)

Challenges for ontologies    (1WI5)