OntologySummit2008 - Demonstrations    (1E4X)

Individuals and groups are invited to give demonstrations relevant to the aims of the Summit from 7:30pm to 9:00pm on Monday, 4/28/08, at the Holiday Inn - Gaithersburg. The facilities to be provided include:    (1E4Y)

Presentation time on the projector will be allocated to all demos that are registered by Friday, 4/25/08. Preference will be given to live demos rather than "slideware". Slots will be 15 minutes each. Any demos that register after 4/25 will not be guaranteed time on the projector.    (1EFV)

For the full agenda of the Summit see Ontology Summit 2008 Agenda    (1EGH)

Demonstrations:    (1E4Z)

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