OntologySummit2008: Face-to-face Workshop Registration    (1B92)

Event: . OntologySummit2008 face-to-face workshop    (1B9B)

Venue: NIST (100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA) - Building 101 (Administration Building) - "Employee Lounge". Ref.: driving map, directions & NIST campus map. (Note: the "Visitor Center" is where everyone need to go to first to get his/her badge. If you are driving, after you get your badge, you may drive into the campus, and park in the parking lot there.) T    (1B9C)

Date: . 28 & 29-April-2008 (Monday & Tuesday) - all day    (1B9D)

Session Details: . see /FaceToFaceAgenda    (1B9E)

For On-site Attendees:    (1B93)

...The original NIST program and registration page is at this link. Registration for on-site participation is now closed. See below to get registered for remote participation.    (1B94)

Anyone who has registration-related question could try e-mailing: Mark Carlisle <carlisle[at]cme.nist.gov> or call (+1) 301.975.2776 (the number that was included in people's registration confirmation message.    (1G8F)

For Remote Attendees:    (1B95)

... to register for participation, please add your name (plus your affiliation, if you aren't already a member of the Ontolog community) below, or e-mail <peter.yim@cim3.com> so that we can reserve enough resources to support everyone's participation. Make sure you specify which session(s) you plan to attend (ref. /FaceToFaceAgenda) if you are only planning to join us on specific session(s) and not the entire workshop. ... Thanks. =ppy    (1B97)

Registered Remote Attendees:    (1B96)

Conference Call Details    (1G5J)

Questions, Answers & Discourse for remote participants:    (1G6C)