OntologySummit2008 Communique Draft Review - "Quality and Gatekeeping" Breakout Group    (1GHX)

Ref: OntologySummit2008_Communique/Draft    (1GHY)

The Team:    (1GHZ)

Results    (1GOQ)

Ontologies in the OOR must meet these minimum requirements related to openness:    (1GOR)

No minimum requirements related to quality are proposed. Instead we recommend this requirement:    (1GOU)

Discussion Notes    (1GLE)

Openness    (1GOV)

Candidates:    (1GJT)

Kept:    (1GJX)

Removed:    (1GJZ)

Comment on removals: Agreed that removal from the minimum requirements list is not a minimization of importance. All submitted ontologies must have some metadata; it may be that each of these corresponds to some metadata that will be required.    (1GJD)

Quality    (1GJE)