OntologySummit2007: Issues And Candidate Resolutions - Knowledge Abstraction    (TMH)

Initialized by: PaolaDiMaio / 2007.02.08    (TMI)

Background    (TMB)

Currently ontologies are being expressed in OWL, the standard language for ontology representation on the web since 2004.    (TM1)

In recent discussions (link to thread) some community participants advocate for web based knowledge to be designed and made accessible and usable both to humans and web based systems independently from given formalisms and representation.    (TM2)

This is because possibile inherent limitations of OWL, which are likely to to be addressed and overcome in future languages, but also to follow modern systems design principles such as Object Model Design that promote implementation independence.    (TM3)

Rationale    (TMC)

Ontology implementation independence can be achieved, it is argued, by creating a Knowledge Abstraction (KAb) Layer to sit between the Knowledge Repository and its semantic representation. Read all about KAb here    (TM4)

In this discussion we aim to evaluate possible methods and limitations of representing abstract knowledge, including grammars, diagrams, TopicMaps and natural language    (TM5)

Goal    (TMD)

We aim to produce a recommendation for W3 consortium to consider developing Knowledge Abstraction standards to be adopted in parallel to other representation formalisms and languages    (TM6)

Add your name and argumentation below, if you are interestd in this topic (constructive approach welcome) [-- PaolaDiMaio / 2007.02.08]    (TM7)