Healthcare Services Specification Project (HSSP) SOA Service Ontology    (26LB)

HSSP recognizes the need for service specifications to support healthcare IT. Organizations interested in leveraging Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as part of their interoperability solution have greatly benefited from HSSP specifications. HSSP is a collaborative effort between standards groups HL7 and OMG to address interoperability challenges within the healthcare sector.    (26LC)

This project is a collaborative effort between Health Level Seven and the Object Management Group to identify and document service specifications, functionality, and conformance supportive and relevant to healthcare IT stakeholders and resulting in real-world implementations. In addition, several other groups have joined the HSSP effort.    (26LD)

The Healthcare Services Specification Project (HSSP) performs most of its activities in workgroups, which are open to any interested participant.    (26LE)