When should it be finished?    (9TB)

To agree on a time frame for each goal set instead of trying to establish a single goal for the UBL project overall.    (9TC)

Goals    (9TD)

1) To identify current applications or types of applications that need UBL Ontology development. These applications could be business sectors or types of end users.    (9TE)

2) To determine from the groups identified which have the greater needs for the greatest good of forwarding UBL into the "real world".    (9TF)

Gap Analysis Homework    (9TG)

Issue 1: There is a noted lack of sufficient technical skills within this group to both work in virtual environment and to implement the adopted onology. There is a need to improve both of these skill areas.    (9TH)

          (3)Participation in training sessions    (9TL)

Issue 2: This is like a "which comes first, the chicken or the egg" question. "Anyone trying to make solid project plans needs committed resources". The ontology group needs a written project plan(s) and knows that funding a group brings quicker results and dissolves disagreements more effectively amongst its members. The need for money and the need for agreement on goals, project plans, organization, etc. has been well noted. The capablility of the goup needs to be established before seeking funding.    (9TR)

Issue 3: The need for organized goals and objectives, and the plan to achieve those goals and objectives.    (9TY)