Objectives/MoE & An Ontology Scenario: UBL Project Goals    (9T1)

 1. Final Deliverable date: Jan, 2005 (about 1 year?)    (9T2)
 2. Primary Goals
     2.1 Requirements for UBL SUMO meeting legal requirements for invoiced: Success measured by the primary or lead legal SIG of OASIS    (9T3)
     2.2 Web site used as SUMO reference site for SME: Success measured  by adoption by 3 or more specific trade associations (not now part of EDI consortium?)    (9T4)

Simple to Complex evolution of the Planning Process:    (9T5)

Show ontology in practice such as used by Paul Ford in his http://www.harpers.org website and how this web site was developed using an ontology http://ftrain.com/AWebSiteForHarpers.html    (9T6)

Use a visual format such as cross-functional charts ( Rummler-Brache charts) to illustrate just how Paul developed this large site with powerful tools which may be easy to use when trained;    (9T7)

Move up to the Protege stage either directly or via a set of training wheels (http://www.semtalk.com)    (9T8)

Reference SUMO efforts    (9T9)

Then move into UN/CEFACT requirements, in general, then acknowledge existing Standards in specific lines of business (the old SIC code) especially health care    (9TA)