BoNewman's working page    (9RX)

Goals    (9RY)

(Demonstrate Process)    (9RZ)

Process design - output=documented process (    (9S0)

Process test - output=documented results of first attempt to use the process    (9S1)

Process evaluation - output=documented recommendations for updating the process    (9S2)

(Connect the dots)    (9S3)

Facilitiate the development of a clearing house for Ontological Research output=established forum for same    (9S4)

(Open Source Tools)    (9S5)

Facilitate the development of an Open Ontological Research Laboratory --- Output=(1)Planning process established (2)Laboratory established    (9S6)

====================================== UBL PLanning Goals    (9S7)

Identify a specific use for the UBL Ontology    (9S8)

(1) Customer identified for initial or pilot application (and customer agrees to work with us)    (9S9)

(2) Document customer problem and requirements    (9SA)

(3) Document test conditions    (9SB)

(4) Develop ontology that will meet the customer's requirements    (9SC)

(5) Demonstrate to the UBL committee the successful solution to the identified problem.    (9SD)

(6) Document the process for reuse by the UBL Committee    (9SE)

(7) Extrapolate role of ontologies as a core component of the UBL    (9SF)

=========================================== FORCE FIELD ANALYSIS    (9SG)


-- The growing 'buzz' that ontologies are the next killer ap    (9SI)


-- this primarily a DEVLOPMENT effort rather than a research effort.    (9SK)

-- people need to make commitments if we are going to have a manageable project -- finances influence the ability of people to commitment    (9SL)

-- active feed back systems -- we are not properly organized    (9SM)

=============================    (9SN)


One clear and common goal (if we had one)    (9SP)

Individual's desires to learn associated skills    (9SQ)


Organization of WORK (rather than of people)    (9SS)

Group Skills in working in virutal environment    (9ST)

=============================    (9SU)


We need to overcome the constraints associated with organizational and planning deficencies. Articulate ALL of the tasks, roles, and skills associated with this effort -- including    (9SW)

(1) Leadership -- (a) agreement on who will manage the work process and how will it be managed (b)agreement as to how will conflicts be resolved    (9SX)

(2) Education -- (a) Documented skill reguirements for each identified work element and (b) Identified learning paths where reguired    (9SY)

We need to overcome the diversity in goals. we need to establish a single tangable goal that is (a) Owned by a real customer (b)can be met by the development and application of a UBL Ontology.    (9SZ)

(1) Find a real customer with a real problem that can be solved by the application of a UBL Ontology (a)Identify an organization that is ready to customize (2)    (9T0)