Onno Paap    (341W)

Data Integration Manager 
Fluor Corporation
The Netherlands    (341X)

email: onno.paap-at-gmail.com    (341Y)

Experienced Control Systems Engineer of origin. Engineering Project Automation development, System Analysis, Programming. Specialist in process plant control software, DCS systems, logic/ESD systems as well as Plant Data Warehouses and development of interfaces for these.    (3445)

Fluor employee since 1980. Fluor is one of the largest engineering, procurement and construction contractors in the world. Has 35,000 employees and executes 1000 energy and chemical, industrial, infrastructure, government, power and global services projects per year. See http://www.fluor.com    (3446)

Has initialized, set up, and lead a Fluor in-house development of integrated engineering databases for the Piping, Control Systems, Electrical, Process, Mechanical, Structural, Construction and other departments, including intelligent P&ID, and with links to 3D model, Data Sheets, EDMS and web applications (the IDB development project).    (3447)

Development Team Leader. Integration Manager. Responsible for project automation, data management and integration techniques for EPC contracting of large process plants, in the context of the Fluor Corporation as a whole.    (3448)

Specialist on ISO 15926 (STEP, EPISTLE) and development of practical solutions and prototype software for these.    (3449)

ISO 15926 is a standard for data interoperability (automated data exchange) between companies in the supply chain of engineering and construction projects.    (344A)

ISO 15926 is Semantic Web on top of an upper ontology data model using an online reference data library ontology. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_15926 An ISO 15926 reference data endpoint is http://posccaesar.org/endpoint/sparql (query page at http://posccaesar.org/endpoint/ )    (344B)

Author/editor of ISO 15926 parts 7, 8, 9 and 10 (Implementation methods for the integration of distributed systems). These parts cover implementation of the ISO 15926 generic data model in Semantic Web, as well as techniques how to implement it in other data exchange languages.    (344C)

Project manager of several FIATECH projects. See http://fiatech.org/    (344D)