OpenOntologyRepository_UseCases subgroup conference call, Fri 2008.06.13, 1.0~1.5 Hr. call starting 3:00pm EDT    (1J2G)

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Agenda Ideas    (1J2V)

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Agenda & Proceedings    (1J2Y)

1. K_Goodier took the chair and welcomed everyone    (1J3V)

2. Peter: still need to put together a session where we can have MikeDean present his prototype and have the core implementers buyin and get everyone engaged ... groups like: BioPortal, XMDR, CL-folks, OMG, OMV, ... etc.    (1J3W)

3. Tools    (1J3X)

4. K: we'll still need to map Mike's work-in-progress to the requirements discussed.    (1J44)

5. Offline work: all to review the OMV work prior to the next meeting    (1J46)

Meeting adjourned 3:50pm EDT    (1J47)

 Notes taken: PeterYim - 2008.06.13-12:50pm PDT    (1J48)