Mark Underwood    (49RV)

Krypton Brothers LLC

email: mark.underwood [at]    (49RW)

Mark Underwood is founder and CEO of Krypton Brothers LLC, a consultancy specializing in Big Data security, rapid intranet exploitation, software quality and domain-specific frameworks. He is an advocate for patient-managed health information, including access to automated decision support systems like IBM Watson and to complex event processing resources. Founder or co-founder of five technology startups, he co-designed one of the earliest ambulatory care health information systems (IATROS). Underwood has served as lead engineer or principal investigator on artificial intelligence projects for DARPA and for Army and Air Force research laboratories. Most recently, he is working with standards organizations to foster information assurance and provenance transparency. Underwood is co-chair of the NIST Big Data Public Working Group¬ís security and privacy subgroup, and co-chair of the 2015 Ontology Summit focused on the Internet of Things. In 2014, he served on the workshop committee for the IEEE Big Data Conference and moderated several panels. He is an ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer and holds a US secret clearance.    (49RX)

Underwood's personal blog is at    (4EXH)