Mark Feblowitz    (ZMH)

Mark D. Feblowitz
IBM Watson Research Center    (ZMI)

I am currently working at IBM Research on the semantic aspects of stream processing in System S. Our current work focuses on the automatic composition of stream processing applications, using component descriptions expressed in Owl and a stream data query language called ISL (Inquiry Specification Language). We have a semantic planner and plan solver that, given a collection of component descriptions and an inquiry (a stream data goal expression), assembles an optimal stream processing application for deployment to, and operation in the System S Stream Processing Core.    (14AA)

In my prior life, I was the XML Architect at Frictionless Commerce (2 years) and worked in Requirements Modeling and Engineering Research at GTE Laboratories (19 years). During the time at GTE Labs, I worked with Sol Greenspan to build platform for the authoring and use of executable specifications of service-oriented systems.    (14AB)