Lee Feigenbaum    (18OU)

 Lee Feigenbaum
 VP Technology & Standards
 Cambridge Semantics, Inc.    (18OV)

I've been active with research and development surrounding Semantic Web technologies since around 2003. My particular interests lie in enterprise applications of both the flexibility of the RDF data model combined with the rich semantics expressible with an ontology language (OWL in particular). I tend to be very application-focused: I'm far more interested in developing use cases and designing compelling user experiences rather than concentrating on technologies for technologies' sake.    (18OW)

Cambridge Semantics is developing blended-source (some open source and some closed source) semantic middleware software that realizes the potential of semantics in a SOA manner. In particular, our middleware focuses on making it simple to build powerful applications that leverage semantics throughout the software stack. We're interested in learning more about the intended uses of the OpenOntologyRepository (OOR) and contributing our software and expertise if it becomes appropriate.    (18OX)

For more information, please see my bio at my employer's Web site.    (18OY)