Lars Ludwig    (1UGH) [picture of Lars Ludwig]    (1UGT)
Köln, Germany.

email:    (1UGI)

I am a cognitive psychologist, market researcher, and information / innovation / knowledge management consultant. I have been developing an experimental 'artificial memory' system for some years. Artificial Memory serves as a means to extend (mind extension) and reflect (mind reflection) one's mind, and act upon it (language action). By way of introspection and reflection upon using the system, I have got a rich fund of ideas about how our thinking and communication may change in future. I like to think of networked Artificial Memory Systems as a future humanoid-machinoid system worthy of replacing the Web. The system is aiming at supporting artificially enhanced human intelligence, not artificial intelligence. - - I appreciate discussion and thought exchange. Feel free to contact me.    (1UGS)