Koray Atalag, M.D.    (JW7)

Ph.D Candidate on Information Systems at METU    (JW8)

Ph.D Work on Molecular Biology, Genetics & Bioinformatics at Boğazi├ži Univ.(failed qualification exam due political reasons and thus thesis not submitted)    (JW0)

Fresh father :)    (JWK)

openEHR Active Member    (JW9)

Human Genome Variation Society Active Member    (JWA)

HL7 Turkish Affiliate Founding Member    (JWB)

Open Source Healtcare Alliance Member    (JWC)

Turkish Informatics Society Member    (JWD)

Turkish Medical Informatics Association Member    (JW1)

For more info and my FOSS Projects (6 Sourceforge.Net Projects!) please refer to my personal Web at:    (JW2)

http://koray.asklepion.org    (JW3)

The relevant projects are:    (JWE)

http://FreeTerminology.org    (JWF)

http://pathos-web.sourceforge.net (last week ranked 4th in Medical Science Apps at SF)    (JWG)

http://cerebrus-fp6.sourceforge.net    (JWH)

http://sourceforge.net/projects/openhisi-tr    (JWI)

Friendly regards,    (JW5)

Dr. Koray Atalag (maddoc)    (JW6)