John R. McGrath    (RLP)

John R. McGrath
Managing Director                   
Infinity Venture Group LLC.    (RLQ)

Mr. McGrath has over 25 years of search related technology experience with "best of breed" companies including Endeca, FAST Search & Transfer (Microsoft), Excalibur (Convera), Cognos Software, Motorola, United Technologies,and Hoovers, Inc. He has managed large organizations as well as founding two start-up search engine ventures, which eventually merged with successful NASDAQ companies. Convera's Retrievalware search product (now owned by Microsoft) was the first commercially successful search platform using semantic networking and is still used by thousands of users. John has developed and negotiated many strategic licensing, joint ventures, and technology transfer agreements with major companies including AOL, Netscape, Lexus-Nexis, Factiva, Oracle Yahoo!, and Inktomi, as well as critical government agencies including the USAF, CIA, and NSA. John also sits on numerous advisory boards and non-profit organizations. His formal education includes a BS in Marketing from the Whittemore School of Business (University of New Hampshire), and has an MBA in finance. He continues his obsession with advancing search engine technology in an executive post-graduate program in Bioinformatics at Stanford University. John has extensive experience in applied knowledge management practices, strategic business development as well as software design and development.    (RLR)

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