Jim Kirby    (34RI)

James Kirby, Jr.
Center for High Assurance Computer Systems
Naval Research Laboratory
US Navy
Washington, D.C., USA.

email: James.Kirby [at] nrl.navy.mil    (34HB)

James Kirby, Jr. is a software engineering researcher in the Center for High Assurance Computer Systems at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). He is Navy representative and Co-Chair of the Software Design and Productivity (SDP) coordinating group of the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (http://www.nitrd.gov/) program. Prior to coming to NRL, Kirby was on the technical staff of the Software Productivity Consortium and on the faculty technical staff at the Wang Institute of Graduate Studies. While at the Software Productivity Consortium, he was a developer of CoRE, the Consortium Requirements Engineering Method. His research interests include software requirements and design methods and software process. He holds a master of software engineering from the Wang Institute.    (34HA)