I have over 35 years of experience in every aspect of computer engineering including the design of large scale programmable logic arrays, the development of compilers, operating systems, complex models, emulations and simulations, embedded subsystems, and large scale system of systems. As architect, mentor and educator I have trained large groups of engineers in state of the art computer complexes, Object Oriented Technology and every aspect of system and software design. I am expert in the use of the Unified Modeling Language, Information Assurance, Multiple Level Security and advances in Multiple Independent Level of Security Systems. Through out my career I have infused new technology into my projects and have often facilitated information technology infrastructure including Engineering Workstations, Object Oriented Design tools, Interface and Configuration Management and recently championed the use Multiple Level Security. My experience in standards development goes back to the ANSI X3J9 Pascal standards committee.    (1SKQ)

My interest in Ontology is to facilitate the creation and exploitation of Knowledge Bases to aide in research. (Google is not enough.)    (1SKR)