Jenny Ure    (12RC)

Jenny Ure
Research Fellow
University of Edinburgh (Informatics)

e-mail:    (12RD)

My current interest is in problem:solution scenarios in the design of socio-technical systems (including ontologies, extended enterprise systems, supply chains, VREs, VLEs, Grids(cyber-infrastructure).    (12RE)

Am a social scientist with a particular focus on strategies for the alignment of technical and human infrastructures in ways that add value.Ontologies are archetypal examples of socio-technical systems, aligning technical and distributed human infrastructures in ways that generate new possibilities and new risks    (14MT)

Currently working on issues in data integration and ontology development in HealthGrids NeuroGrid    (12RF)

Best Regards from rainy Scotland.    (14MU)

Jenny Ure    (12RG)