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Question 3Personal Objectives Describe the personal goals and objectives that are driving your participation in [ontolog]    (8PV)

      Goal / Objective-1:  Publicize and disseminate OWL and RDF technologies
      Goal / Objective-2:  (Not Answered)
      Goal / Objective-3:  (Not Answered)    (8PW)

Question 4Interest Area List your areas of interest    (8PX)

Question 5Discussion Topics List any ideas that you have for discussion topics    (8PZ)

      Discussion Topic-1:  (Not Answered)
      Discussion Topic-2:  (Not Answered)
      Discussion Topic-3:  (Not Answered)
      Discussion Topic-4:  (Not Answered)
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      [  ]  1. Active participant
      [X]  2. Observer    (8Q2)

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      Name:  Jack Howard
      Organization / Affiliation:  Schafer Corporation
      Position / Role:  SETA to DAML Program
      Daytime Tel:  703-516-6021
      E-mail Address:  jhoward@snap.org    (8Q4)