Henry Broodney    (37Y3)

Manager, Systems Engineering Technologies
IBM Research
Haifa, Israel.    (37Y4)

see: http://il.linkedin.com/in/broodney    (37Y5)

Henry Broodney is managing the Systems Engineering Technologies group at IBM Research – Haifa (HRL). Henry is an experienced Systems Engineer having dealt with wide range of disciplines in this professional career, ranging from architectural software development and electronic and chip design through complex mechanical design and heavy metal machining. He is fluent in contemporary Systems Engineering methods and tools, having both used current and implemented new methodologies in the various environments he has worked at.    (37Y6)

He holds M.B.A and a B.Sc.EE., both from Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology, working at a chip designer at Motorola semiconductors during his studies.    (38YK)

He has started his professional career in the Israeli Air Force commanding an avionics maintenance detail and later overseeing integrated avionics systems development, maintenance and upgrades at the Electronics Warfare branch in IAF HQ. While in the military, Henry was also volunteering as a project supervisor at the Technion EE Department High Speed Digital Lab with numerous projects successfully completed under his name, mainly in the field of high speed board design for data intensive and video conferencing applications.    (38YL)

He later held a position of a team leader and a Systems Engineer at Rafael Systems, developing complex multidisciplinary systems and completing the formal corporate Systems Engineering training. His main subjects at Rafael, in addition to several classified subjects, included remotely controlled weapon stations and high-power laser applications. In 2006 Henry co-founded and managed InGrid Networks, a software start-up in the field of IaaS cloud and P2P computing, thus making him intimately familiar with the world of Software development and its methodologies, such as Model Driven Development, Agile approaches and Software Quality Management. He is also the author of 4 patent applications in the field of P2P computing and data storage methods.    (38YM)

Before joining IBM Henry held a position of a System Engineer at Soltam (Elbit Land Systems company) artillery directorate, where he helped introduce novice methods for complex defense systems design, incorporating both in-house processes and sub-contractor management.    (38YN)

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