Gunar Penikis    (RLS)

Gunar Penikis
Sr. Product Manager
Adobe Systems, Inc.    (RLT)

Gunar Penikis is the Product Manager for Adobe’s Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), an open, standards-based enabling technology that fosters the capture, preservation, and interchange of metadata across digital media and workflows.    (RLU)

He has been with Adobe for over 7 years involved in the definition and management of diverse product such as Adobe Version Cue, Adobe DesignTeam and consumer products such as PhotoDeluxe.    (RLV)

Previous to Adobe he has worked as a software engineer for Creative Wonders, an educational software joint venture between Electronic Arts and ABC.    (RLW)

Gunar holds a bachelor of science degree in engineering physics from Queen’s University, Canada, and an International MBA from York University, Canada.    (RLX)

Mr. Penikis has been featured speaker at industry events such as:    (RLY)

See his presentation at our Ontology Application & Implementation (Take-II) Session    (RM3)