Goran Zugic    (DH0)

Goran Zugic
President & CEO
Semantion, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
goran.zugic-at-semantion.com    (DH1)

Goran Zugic is the co-founder of Semantion which contributed Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture (FERA)-based SOA to OASIS ebSOA TC. He is the chief architect for the Semantion SOA Virtual Machine (SOA-VM), a SOA platform based on FERA. Goran has 20 years of experience in architecture, design, and implementation of Internet software, ERP software, and large database management systems for organizations in North America and Europe. He has been participated on projects in a number of industries including telecommunications, retail, financial services, software development, healthcare, and manufacturing. Goran has been actively involved in open standards development since 2000. He also designed and participated in development of one of the first implementations of ebXML Registry standard specifications, along with the first multi-tier component based open standard registry and repository back in 2001.    (PF5)

see: http://www.semantion.com/    (DH2)