Notes    (14UM)

I have manually scraped the keywords form the framework communique and diagram its a flat list that needs (--PaolaDiMaio / 2007.09.05)    (13XM)

I suggest we use a collaborative topic map software to produce visual versions thereof, before convening to compare them and produce something that is agreeable to all    (13XO)

flast list, preliminary    (13XP)

Ontology    (13XR)

TypesOfArtifacts    (13XS)

Communities    (13XT)

Represent    (13XU)

Entities    (13XV)

Relationships    (13XW)

Purposes    (13XX)

Annotating    (13XY)

Datasets    (13XZ)

Supporting    (13Y0)

NaturalLanguage    (13Y1)

Integrating    (13Y2)

Information Sources    (13Y3)

SemanticInteroperability    (13Y4)

Background Knowledge    (13Y5)

Taxonomy    (13Y6)

Folksonomy    (13Y7)

ComputerScientists    (13Y8)

InformationScientists    (13Y9)

Philosophers    (13YA)

DomainExperts    (13YB)

Perspective    (13YC)

Views    (13YD)

Dialog    (13YE)

Cooperation    (13YF)

FormalUpper-LevelOntologies    (13YG)

FirstOrderLogic    (13YH)

BasicFormalOntology (BFO)    (13YI)

DOLCE    (13YJ)

List    (13YK)

Keywords    (13YL)

Annotate    (13YM)

Resources    (13YN)

Web    (13YO)

Web2.0    (13YP)

Ontology Spectrum    (13YQ)

Taxonomies    (13YR)

ControlledVocabularies    (13YS)

Mesh    (13YT)

InformationIndexing    (13YU)

InformationRetrieval    (13YV)

Hyerarchy    (13YW)

Subsumption    (13YX)

FunctionalRelationship    (13YY)

PhysicalRelationship    (13YZ)

Formalisms    (13Z0)

Frames    (13Z1)

Description Logics    (13Z2)

DefinitiveDefinition    (13Z3)

Dimensions    (13Z4)

OperationalDefinitions    (13Z5)

Framework    (13Z6)

Similarities    (13Z7)

Differences    (13Z8)

Characterization    (13Z9)

TypologyOfOntologies    (13ZA)

SemanticDimensions    (13ZB)

Formalize    (13ZC)

Expressiveness    (13ZD)

Structure    (13ZE)

Content    (13ZF)

Granularity    (13ZG)

Things    (13ZH)

Relationship    (13ZI)

RepresentationalGranularity    (13ZJ)

PragmaticDimensions    (13ZK)

IntendedUse    (13ZL)

DesignedMethod    (13ZM)

Governance    (13ZN)

Context    (13ZO)

Reasoning    (13ZP)

Rigor    (13ZQ)

Validity    (13ZR)

Strictness    (13ZS)

KnowledgeDomain    (13ZT)

ApplicationDomain    (13ZU)

FunctionalDomain    (13ZV)

Automated Reasoning    (13ZW)

Prescriptive    (13ZX)

Descriptive    (13ZY)

ComplexSemantics    (13ZZ)

PropositionalLogic    (1400)

DescriptionLogic(S)    (1401)

FirstOrderLogic    (1402)

SortedLogics    (1403)

ModalLogics    (1404)

Structure    (1405)

Property    (1406)

Tree    (1407)

RDF/S    (1408)

OWL-DL    (1409)

CommonLogic    (140A)

GraphtheoreticPerspective    (140B)

SimpleSe OfTerm (Glossary)    (140C)

TreeStructure(Taxonomy)    (140D)

DirectedAcyclicGraph,    (140E)

PartialOrder(Faceted Classification Schemes)    (140F)

ArbitraryDirectedGraph(E.G., RDF)    (140G)

Granularity    (140H)

Detail    (140I)

NumberOfConcepts (Nodes)    (140J)

AndTheNumber Relation Instances    (140K)

LinksEdgesnGraphRepresentations    (140L)

Scope    (140M)

CoarseGrained    (140N)

FineGrained    (140O)

IntendedUse    (140P)

OrginalPurpose    (140Q)

SemanticallyInformedSearch    (140R)

DataSemanticsSpecification    (140S)

Databases    (140T)

DataEntry    (140U)

DataIntegration    (140V)

DataSources AgentCommunicationLanguages    (140W)

AutomatedReasoning    (140X)

QuestionAnswering    (140Y)

Prescriptive    (140Z)

Descriptive    (1410)

Folksonomies    (1411)

LinguisticOntologies    (1412)

NormativePrescriptiveDocument    (1413)

Correctness    (1414)

MedicalDiagnosticTerminologies    (1415)

Legal    (1416)

Regulatoryontologies    (1417)

AccountingOntologies    (1418)

MathematicalEngineeringOntologies    (1419)

Governance    (141A)

DecisionsConcerning    (141B)

Legalregulatoryimplications    (141C)

Folksonomies    (141D)

Formalontologies    (141E)

SocialTagging    (141F)

Folksonomies    (141G)

TraditionalStructured    (141H)

FormalOntologies    (141I)

Taxonomies    (141J)

AxiomatizedOntologies    (141K)

LargeScaleCorpora    (141L)

Inference    (141M)

Validating    (141N)

FormalOntologies    (141O)

ComputationalLinguistics    (141P)

SocialTagging    (141Q)

TagSets    (141R)

FacetedTagging    (141S)

DesignArtifacts    (141T)

SoftwareEngineering    (141U)

InformationExchange    (141V)

DesignMethodologies    (141W)

Structured    (141X)

NoDesign    (141Y)

Verification    (141Z)

Consistency    (1420)

Completeness    (1421)

Validation    (1422)

UserPerspective    (1423)