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The content is limited to terms relevant to the OpenFloorplanDisplay and FloorplanDataExchange Projects and the Fire Code including basic structure, room information, fire safety features, emergency response and open standards terminology.    (1SRY)

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  1. Fire Department Terms    (1RW8)
  2. Static 2D Terms    (1S47)
  3. Dynamic Overlay Terms    (1RWA)
  4. Fire Code Terms    (1S48)
  5. NG9-1-1 Terms    (1RWC)
  6. Open Standard Terms    (1SBA)
  7. OGC NBIMS Diagram Terms    (1S4A)

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From Building Lifecycle Interoperable Software (BLIS) IFC 2x Object Diagram - Classification    (1RPU)

IFC 2x Concepts    (1RSS)    (1RS1)

Part of a drawing by VTT Building Technology, Author: Jiri Hietanen, Copyright 2000    (1RSR)

Fire Department Terms    (1S4B)

From OSHA 3256-07N Glossary of Acronyms and Terms. Additional Comments from: Stephen J. Wisely, Interim Director, Communication Center and 9-1-1 Services Department, APCO International Headquarters, Keith H. Johnson, Battalion Chief, Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department, Fire Prevention Division    (1SHE)

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For Static vs Dynamic Data and NG9-1-1 Terms Below: Refer to table Architecture, Elements, Alerts and Table 1 Building Source Data Classification for Emergency Response Purposes (RT = real time) in Emergency Response Scenario.pdf Building Emergency Response Scenario by Alan Vinh at NIST Building Fire Research Lab.    (1SHH)

Static Data    (1S69)

Dynamic Data to Overlay on Static Floorplans    (1S6A)

Fire Code Terms    (1S6B)

Fire Command Center : 2006 International Fire Code, Section 509    (1SW6)

Fire Department Access to Equipment : 2006 International Fire Code, Section 510, 510.1 Identification    (1SWN)

Building Address    (1RS2)

NG9-1-1 Terms    (1S6C)

Open Standards Terms    (1S8X)

OGC NBIMS Diagram    (1S8Z)

Reference: OGC Glossary of Terms    (1SP4)    (1S90)

Problems - Need to work definitions into consolidated dictionary    (1SHU)

Cautionary Notes on the Development of the Glossary, Dictionary, Thesaurus    (1RS0)

From RexBrooks: A case in point for one of the provisions we have built into the Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) set of specifications in the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) Emergency Management Technical Committee (EM TC).    (1RJW)

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