BuildingServicePerformance: Floorplan Data Exchange Project (Project Activity Proposal) - DRAFT    (1PCQ)

Statement of Purpose    (1PCR)

Many building services require the knowledge of where "things" are located. ("thing": a generic term for an identifiable object or event.) For both human and computer understanding, defining the location of a thing almost always requires the context of the space containing that thing. Floor plans are diagrams of a building detailing the location of "things" in the context of structural objects such as exterior and interior walls and doors. The detail and accuracy of currently available floor plans vary widely. The detail and accuracy SHOULD be based on the floor plan's intended usage. With the onslaught of emerging technologies, floor plans become a key ingredient in representing building information in a broad spectrum of applications. The services associated with these applications often require more than a visual diagram, they require a spacial representation diagram.    (1PDN)

This project will produce: a floorplan representation format that encodes the geometry of the building, inc    (1PDO)

Project Work    (1PCS)

Location of an element: in which space do I live, what coordinate of what space    (1R09)

Project in Perspective    (1PCW)

NIST Workshop on Building Information Exchange for First Responders    (1PCX)

Building Information Modeling    (1PD0)

References    (1PD2)