Finith E. Jernigan    (1J97)

Design Atlantic Ltd.
Salisbury, Maryland, USA.

email:    (1J98)

Finith E. Jernigan, born in Texas, raised in England, Colorado and Germany, and now living in Maryland, is an internationally recognized architect, educator, author and publisher. An expert in integrated practice and BIM technology, he has received unprecedented press recognition for teaching professionals how to use BIM tools and Google Earth® in new ways that help save money...and helps make money. His award winning book, BIG BIM little bim – The Practical Approach to Building Information Modeling – Integrated Practice Done the Right Way!, is the most accurate description of how to BIM at this point in time.    (1J99)

Jernigan is president of Design Atlantic Ltd, one of the first integrated architecture, planning and management firms. He uses proven systems and technology in new ways to help architects, engineers, owners, builders and other design professionals move toward a more sustainable and integrated world. He teaches how to adopt and use a more integrated mode of practice that streamlines processes, improves project visualization, and achieves superior results during design, construction and beyond.    (1J9A)